Save Time on Lease Creation

← Back   Posted on Friday November 5, 2021

Save Time on Lease Creation.

How long does it take your agents to fill out a lease for an approved applicant? 15- 20 minutes? We’ve heard some folks spend as much as 45 minutes creating just one contract.

With RentTango, the whole process can be completed in seconds.


While we talking about time savings, how many apps are you using to create and send a lease? Are you typing in the tenant names, start and end dates, monthly rent, landlord company names, the list goes on. Do you need to create signing blocks for your tenants and put them in the right place. How do you add riders or special considerations? How often do you send out contracts with mistakes or need to redo your work b/c of an error?

Our cutting-edge technology enables you to bring your leases into our system and customize them to create Contract Templates that can be assigned to each property. Leases and riders can be added or modified any time you want. In a few minutes you can make changes to your own, custom contracts without any programming knowledge, no additional fees and no support ticket requests. Simple and easy. You can even add custom graphics of images to carry your branding into your contracts.


A streamlined signing process contract is what today’s modern renters want and expect. They want and expect the same seamless interaction and service they experience in other part of their daily life. Like hailing an Uber, order a meal on Seamless or choosing a movie on Netflix.


RentTango enables you to meet these demands while also improving the efficiencies and morale of your leasing team. In fact, all those minutes your agents staring at their computers typing in data can be put to serving current resident’s needs. They can get out of their office, walk the lobby say hi to folks and maybe pet a dog or two. Keeping your residents happy means fewer will leave, reducing turnover and cutting the expense of finding new renters.


Ready to tango! Reach out for free demonstration of how RentTango can help generate leasing easy and enjoying for your team and your renters.