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Fight fraud and get a real-time snapshot of your applicants to protect your investment and reduce evictions. RealScreen provides advanced background screening delivering better renters with less work.

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Verify every aspect of your applicant, automatically.

  • Identity
  • Income
  • Assets
  • Employment
  • Credit Profile
  • Criminal Records
  • Evictions
  • Documents

All configurable to each property

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How is RealScreen Different?

A.I. & Automation
Verified Data
Facial Comparison
Intuitive Design

Extremely configurable, RealScreen is customizable to meet your unique business needs, including compliance with local regulations- including the fee charged, visibility of eviction and criminal records, application questions, required documents and more.

Stop wasting time scrutinizing docs for fraud, RealScreen’s cognitive a.i. and automation tools streamline the screening process by scanning uploaded documents for irregularities. A.I. Detective reviews over 30 data points and highlights red flags immediately.

RealScreen offers real-time verification of an applicant’s employment, income, and bank assets directly from bank and payroll services, providing up-to-date information that cannot be easily modified or outdated like paystubs and bank statements.

Our cognitive AI conducts a facial comparison between the selfie and uploaded ID photo provided by each applicant, presenting your team with a confidence score of the match and immediately flagging any issues.

RentTango offers an intuitive design that simplifies the leasing process by reducing the number of software and clicks needed, automating tasks, and providing visibility of deal progress. With RentTango, it is easier to train new staff and your current staff can focus on their job rather than staring at screens all day.

Today's Best Practices?

We've put together a comprehensive report on the latest technologies and best practices for renter background screening.

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Data from the Source

Get verified and current data on your applicants’ employment, income and financial situation. RealScreen retrieves real-time data directly from the applicant’s payroll service and bank accounts to reduces reliance on old, uploaded documents and gives you a clearer snapshot of your applicant.

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The most advanced tenant
screening technology today

Features and pricing can be adjusted based on the needs of each property.

Reduce The Cost Of Evictions

Simple Math- A 1,000-unit portfolio with a 3% eviction rate and a $10,000 avg cost per eviction (lost rent, legal fees, vacancy marketing costs) can save more than $150,000/yr.

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