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Accelerate lease preparation and execution with RentTango and signNow


RentTango, an innovative rental property marketing and leasing platform, launches a new webinar series — Let’s Lease Together — the first of which showcases the integration of signNow with RentTango. The webinar will demonstrate how the integration goes beyond digital signing technology, providing automated workflows that address deal terms, legal requirements, and more – accelerating compliant lease preparation and execution.

Watch the Let’s Lease Together Digital Signing Webinar Now

“The rental housing market is hotter than ever. Property managers and leasing agents must provide tenants with an automated, streamlined leasing process to seize market opportunities quickly and efficiently,” said Paul Zullo, co-founder, RentTango. “Creating and sending leases are time-consuming tasks. It’s time to elevate the process to a new level with a system built to save time and reduce errors, using RentTango.”



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Attendees will learn to:

  • Easily generate customer-driven and flexible workflows
  • Quickly create and send leases, mid-term documents, and renewals
  • Ensure security and compliance of digital signatures for Federal and local laws
  • Leverage technology to deliver a modern customer experience

“There are several laws that make an eSignature legally binding, the eSign act and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act both dating back to the early 2000s,” noted Scott Owen, VP, airSlate, developer of signNow. “This integration covers legal requirements.”