Create a Lease in Six Minutes or Less

← Back   Posted on Monday October 25, 2021

Times have changed. The market is flush with leads as renters look to change environments – moving to new neighborhoods, new towns, new cities, searching for new horizons. More tenants are signing or renewing leases. Leads need to be nurtured. Apartments are ready for prospective renters if property managers can find time to show them. Each potential new or existing, tenant generates paperwork, phone calls, emails and more, to be completed and approved.

Leasing staff and property managers are struggling to keep up. Staff members work late nights following up on new leads, properly vetting tenants and typing up leases.

RentTango offers leasing without typing. Select the correct lease template and the data is automatically, magically populated into the doc. The property, unit, landlord data plus the resident’s information that was entered into the application form is conveniently merged in seconds. This is just one of the streamlined leasing tasks that RentTango offers for residential rentals through one online platform. Administrative and repetitive tasks are fully automated, and the process is simplified. Saving time and reducing the lead to lease process.

With RentTango:

  • You don’t need to create signing blocks and put them in the correct place in the documents. That’s all done for you.


  • All contracts are mapped to the appropriate properties so you can be sure you are selecting the right lease every time.


  • Every deal is unique. Yet, you might give someone a special offer or the resident requires special considerations. RentTango’s flexible lease generator allows you to customize the lease documents, collecting the lease and appropriate riders on the fly and bundling them together.


  • Often leasing agents get bogged down going back and forth with residents trying to get all the information that is required to be put on a lease. With RentTango you can inject form fields into the lease that allows residents to fill in the data themselves.


Wow — did we just save you a lot of stress?!!?


Did we mention that we have built-in automation that reminds the soon-to-be resident to sign the docs so you don’t have to be bothered following up?


Watch this short video on our digital leasing technology.

digital documents contract signing

digital documents contract signing


There are so many ways RentTango can help . . .  the list goes on. We’ve got your back. Let’s lease together!