What We Do

RentTango’s technology transforms leasing into a modern and convenient experience for leasing teams and their residents

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Why We Do It

We believe technology can minimize risk, enhance communication, and give time back to property managers and owners that they can spend on the tasks that truly require human attention: fostering relationships with residents.

We’ve seen real estate lag behind other industries in automation, and we want to supply the technology that will make our customers both happier and better at their own jobs. Let’s lease together.

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We empower real estate companies to grow efficiently and confidently while providing renters the streamlined experiences they expect from modern businesses.

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Why RentTango

Our name comes from the idea that it takes two to tango. We’re a partner, not a vendor, and we say that because our technology is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We don’t make a sale and disappear. Rather, our tools are customizable to fit your exact needs, and we pride ourselves on the best customer service in the industry.

Something doesn’t work or you need it to be a bit different? Our user-focused, empathetic design will tell you how to navigate any issues and ask for help. And when it comes to your need for assistance, we provide a personal touch our competitors cannot match. It takes a partner to engineer a world-class rental experience, and we’re ready to tango.

Who We Are

Our executive team is composed of three founding members who have been working together for over two decades engineering custom technology solutions for major real estate developers and companies.

RentTango was officially founded in 2019, but our story actually began two decades prior when Jason, Paul, and Haroon first came together to build creative technology tools for clients. Delivering e-commerce websites, custom applications, and more, the three produced customized solutions wrapped in clean user experiences and design.

Over time, the team has honed its focus, concentrating on developing technology solutions targeted at the unique needs of the real estate industry. We have seen firsthand the specific frustrations that real estate companies experience running their businesses as well as the limitations and inflexibility of existing software. RentTango was born from these insights, aiming to provide technological innovation through a user experience built with empathy for our customers’ individual business needs.

Paul Zullo Founder, CEO, CMO

Jason Madlin Founder, COO, CTO

Haroon Bhatti Founder, VP, Technical Systems