Centralize It

← Back   Posted on Friday November 5, 2021

RentTango consolidates your proptech stack. Let us maintain the hardware, the integrations and keep the software updated to the latest trends and functionality.

Here are a few more advantages of RentTango

  • Syndicates listings: The platform offers syndicated tenant leads, so that you can market all of the listings through one technology. Change a listing on RentTango and it automatically updates the listing on every website your listing appears.


  • Streamlines leads: Manage these leads with ease, keep track of potential renters’ inquiries and every interaction, sending those who reach out predesigned, branded email and text templates, that share the information with the entire property management team.


  • Help with screening: AI-powered RentTango brings irregularities to light.
    RentTango’s AI flag issues when applicants do not meet criteria to make it easy to find problems


  • Contracts: Lease are automatically generated, with the applicant, property and unit data dropped into their attendant categories in the platform. Time to create lease goes from one hour to ten minutes (or less).


  • Renewals: RentTango’s system tracks lease renewals, generates emails to residents, and helps you stay on top of your occupancy stats.


  • Status dashboard: Know the status of your deals, simply and straightforwardly and all in one place – at RentTango.


Easy to master, RentTango’s cutting-edge technology helps property owners and property managers save time and increase occupancy without increasing staff.